Bespoke Commercial Security Systems to Protect your Business



Whatever your chosen industry, your commercial premises is always at risk of a break-in, and while there are a number of ways you can protect a commercial premises, it very much depends upon your needs. Some business premises require little more that CCTV, while others demand a manned security approach, and if there are many employees that need to have restricted access, there are keyless access control systems that allow you to decide who has access to which area.

Protecting Valuable Stock

If your warehouse holds high value goods, there is a certified intruder alarms company in Dudley that would be happy to send a security expert to your business premises, where you can discuss your options. The security systems available include the following:

  • Video Surveillance Systems – Tailored to suit the premises. The control centre could be remotely located, as with a small retail business, or send the data to an on-site security headquarters.
  • Keyless Access Control Systems– A medium to large company would have employees that are authorised to access some areas, and by issuing employees with special magnetic cards, access can be granted only to those who are authorised. A system such as this eliminates the need for bulky keys, and you could go biometric, and have the fingerprints of authorised personnel scanned into the system.
  • Motion Sensor Intruder Alarms – The system is wired up to a control centre that might or might not be remotely located.

There are many security systems that could be used to enhance your commercial security, and by talking to a local commercial security systems provider, you can order a system that best meets your needs. Ensuring security to business insights is also equally important as commercial security. Click to find what Deputy USA software does to make it happen.

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