Block Paving for The Best Driveway


The days of tarmac driveways are finally coming to an end, thanks largely to block paving, and with stunning designs and colours that stand the test of time, you can remove your tarmac drive and replace it with something that will become a major feature of the property. If you would like to see some breath-taking examples of block paving, take a look at some of the stunning driveways in Norwich that were installed by a local landscaper.

The Benefits of Bock Paving

Block paving has the following benefits:

  • Can withstand heavy weights
  • Weed resistant surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • Last for many years
  • Easy to clean

Aside from all of the above, block paving is visually very appealing, with a wide range of colours and patterns that can literally transform the front of your home.

How Block Paving is Installed

The driveway must first be dug out to a depth of between 10-12 inches, then a layer of hardcore is added, which is rolled into the ground, and with a layer of sand about 4 inches thick, the sand and cement mixture is added when the blocks are installed. The team of installers would take a couple of days to install an average size driveway, and with some elegant edging stones, the driveway would be finished.

There’s no waiting time with block paving, as the driveway can be used as soon as it is finished, and with a power wash every few months, it will retain that clean look for many years.

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