Grippers and grippers for lifting and transport – what will we use them for?


It cannot be denied that working in warehouses and large factories often requires enormous physical strength. Some elements and materials need to be moved from place to place, and due to their huge dimensions and non-standard shapes, it is often an extremely difficult task. So, in order to relieve employees, as well as make the work much easier and more pleasant, and most importantly – faster, it is worth investing in specialized tools. These are the grippers and lugs for lifting and transporting. In what situations can they be used?

Grippers and grippers for lifting and transport – what are they characterized by?

Both handles and grippers are specialist tools, and at the same time invaluable when it is necessary to lift or transport large-size and irregularly shaped objects. They are extremely durable and also ensure safety at work and the required precision. What’s more, the handles and grippers are distinguished primarily by their extremely high resistance to any mechanical damage. Thanks to them, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of human force, and what is more, to improve work and relieve employees. With their help, it will be possible to easily lift and transport items of great weight, length and non-standard shape. See the offer for grips and grippers at Mipromet.

Lifting and transporting grippers and grippers – what can they be used for?

Grippers and grippers, as the name suggests, are used during transport and lifting of various elements. They are ideally suited for material handling, e.g. of sheets that are intended for further processing. They will also find use in the case of delicate materials such as glass. Nevertheless, on the market you can find grips and grippers that are even designed for transporting and lifting barrels and even parts for cars. These devices are mainly used in the production and construction industry, and most importantly, their wide selection makes it easy to adjust them to your needs. Thanks to the grippers and grippers, the work related to transport, unloading or loading will run much faster. In addition, they will also increase the safety of employees and the load itself being lifted or transported. It is worth choosing those grippers and grippers that have all the necessary certificates, which guarantees that they meet the highest European standards.

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