How Often Should a Central Heating System be Serviced?


This is a question that many UK homeowners raise, and for good reason, as the heating is essential for most of the year, and a breakdown is never welcome. The short answer to that question would be annually, although many homeowners service their central heating twice a year; once prior to winter and once again before the summer.

Pre-Winter Boiler Service

The winter sees your boiler running almost constantly, therefore, a service in October or November will ensure that the boiler is healthy and running properly. Fortunately, there are central heating plumbing services in Southsea and by calling them, you can arrange for a heating engineer to come and service the boiler, while also giving the entire system an inspection.

Service Details

The Boiler service would include the following:

  • Inspecting the outer casing for corrosion
  • Checking the boiler
  • Inspecting the flame when running
  • Checking the Thermostat
  • Checking the Flue

Things you Can Do

You can look out for anything unusual, such as the radiators not getting hot and listening for strange noises, which is often a sign of trapped air in the system, and in such a case, the engineer would bleed the air out of the system. If you fuel bills are unusually high, this might be due to an inefficient burner, which can occur and the burner would likely need replacing.

If you would like to have your central heating system overhauled, all it takes to locate a nearby heating engineer is an online search, and you can make a convenient appointment for the engineer to pay you a visit.

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