How to Set A Desired Soil PH for Lawns?


The first step to take care of your lawn grass is to ensure that it has good quality soil. You are what you eat also refers to the plants, and plants get their part of nutrients and food from the yard’s soil. Thus, maintaining a good quality pH of the soil is necessary when it comes to lawn care. One of the crucial factors that affect the absorption of nutrients available in the grass largely depends on the soil’s pH level. If you have a big lawn in Alpharetta or anywhere else and cannot take care of it, you can call professional lawn mowing in Alpharetta.

What is Soil pH?

Soil pH is the alkalinity and acidity of the soil. It is scaled from 0 to 14, and 7 is considered neutral, and more than seven is considered acidic, and less than seven is considered alkaline. The balance of alkaline and acidic medium in the soil allows nutrients to dissolve and break down for the grass. Now read on further to learn how to change soil pH for a lawn.

How to set soil pH for lawns?

  1. Get a Soil Test

Firstly you need to get your soil tested to know the current pH of the soil. You can buy home kits or take samples from your lawn and get them tested in a soil testing lab.

  1. Get lime or sulfur

Depending on the soil test results, if the soil is too acidic, the lime will help neutralize it and bring it back to normal. If the pH is alkaline, then you can make it more acidic by adding sulfur to it.

  1.  Water the soil the right way

After adding lime or sulfur according to the soil, add water in the right amount to dissolve them in the soil, and it will also clean any grass blades that can harm the grass. To protect the grass of the lawn after maintaining the right soil pH, you can read about How Long Does It Take for Grass to Grow.

  1.  Test Again after a while

After a few years, test the pH of the soil again to keep a track record. Just in case there are some changes in the pH, you can change it through the same procedures. This ensures there are good levels of nitrogen in the soil. For more support when it comes to lawn care, then you can locate the nearest professional care for Lawn Mowing in Alpharetta.


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