Landscaping and Home Improvement Projects Using Mini Excavators


Mini excavators are incredible machines that have become immensely popular to a broad range of reasons and these small, but mighty machines are especially popular among landscaping and home improvement contractors. For landscaping and home renovation contractors, the mini excavators could be deemed as an essential component of the business given the fact that their applications towards such projects are immensely crucial towards project success.

If the cost of buying a high end mini excavator proves to be difficult or financially not viable, it should not be an issue as mini excavators are readily available for hire from construction machinery rental companies at reasonable and affordable prices. As a matter of fact, it is advised that renting mini excavators is a much more viable and practical option compared to buying a mini excavator due to the impact on the company’s capital structure and the ownership costs that follow when a the excavator is owned by a company.

For landscapers and home improvement contractors, the compactness of mini excavators renders them as the most practical machine towards landscaping or home improvement projects where tight spaces or congested environments are a norm. Due to the versatility of compact mini excavators they have grown to become a threat to compact skid steer loaders within the scope of landscaping and home improvement applications as these machines are capable of not just excavating like they were intended to.

Due to hydraulic attachments they are able to dig, grade, fill, drill, and demolish as well. However, the primary reason behind their suitability for such projects is mainly attributed to their compact sizes as they are able to gain access to the tightest of spots in the most congested places such as backyards, slopes, and narrow pathways, walls of other building or fixtures. Most new models come with zero tail swings and some are even capable of contracting their tracks to become even thinner than they are which reduces the possibility of colliding with things around them.

The versatility of these machines that are designed for quick attachment changes especially among the latest models that are usually available for hire allows these machines to multitask meaning that with a change of attachment, the machine is transformed from a digger to a driller or destructor or even a cleaner when the project site needs to cleared. A mini excavator is also lightweight and as such contractors are able to transport the mini excavator from one project site to the next easily as these machines often come with machine tie-downs which render loading and transporting them fast and reasonably convenient.

Within the scope of residential projects, mini excavators are able to assist in completing projects much faster not only due to their ability to fit into really tight spaces, but also due to the fact that they leave very little ‘scars’ on the surfaces that they mover over. Apart from that these machines are also quite silent compared to bigger machines which are critical considerations when projects are within close proximity to residential areas.

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