Money-Saving Tips to Stretch Your Small Bathroom


The bathroom is the most used space in the house. Its functionality, safety, layout, and style matter a lot. Remodeling a bathroom can get quite expensive because you don’t know how much it will cost as various materials can cost you substantial.

But by smart planning, you don’t need to compromise on design and can save a lot of money. you can use your existing materials and space creatively. It can reduce your budget prominently with less wastage of material and recycling of your existing materials.

Money-Saving Tips to Stretch Your Small Bathroom

Here are some of the tips which can help you save money while expanding the space of your bathroom.

Refresh the Grout:

If you want to change the look of the bathroom but don’t want to move the tiles as it will cost out as a pricey deal and hence disturbance in budget. To change the look of the flooring, change the grout of the floor or walls. This will add a new look to your floor with being costly and saves lots of time and money.

Go for Wall Mounted Sinks:

To add smart touch-ups and to give a refreshed and stretchy look to your bathroom without a costly budget, you can go for wall-mounted sinks. Firstly, they completely change the look of your bathroom and add an elegant touch. Secondly, it allows a more visible floor which makes the bathroom look stretchy.

Work on Your Walls:

Instead of moving walls to build some cabinets and shelves, incorporate the shelves and cabinets in the wall. Not only it will save space but also look stylish and adds the classic touch to your bathroom. Moving walls can upset your budget but using this space smartly can save a lot of time and money. Try to hire bathroom contractors like bathroom renovations mn to get the job done efficiently without breaking the bank.

Use White Paint/Tiles:

If you feel that your bathroom is small and you want to expand it but don’t account for the budget, try changing the tiles and use white color. Not only it will add elegance, but it will also give the illusion of expansion and make your bathroom look brighter and fresher.

Renovate Old Furniture:

Don’t throw your old furniture just because you are looking out for new style and remodeling. Instead, look out for DIYs on the internet and renovate your furniture on your hands and give it a trendy new look by changing knobs, color, or by adding small expressive details.

Redo Your Tub:

Old tubs as time passes show their age. But instead, of buying a new tub, you can refurbish your existing tub. You can save money by hiring a professional who can redo your tub in a reasonable price range. Also, you can add claw feet to your tub to save space and to add an elegant and chic touch to your bathroom overall look.

Use Wallpaper:

Using wallpaper for exquisite touch is a smart option. Instead of hiring workers and the expense of buying tiles and workload, go for wallpaper. Wallpaper in the bathroom is in trend and it adds minimalistic elegance to the overall look.

These smart money saving tips can complement the over all look of your bathroom while staying in the expected budget. Try working on these tips in your next bathroom project.

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