The Best Way To Take Care Of Oak Furniture


For centuries, Oak has remained the primary material for top quality furniture construction because of its unique grains and beauty. Oak is also long lasting, versatile and most importantly, help people to evoke a sense of style. However, maintaining this impressive outlook is never easy.

In many cases, people complain that their oak furniture if fading or attracts dirt fast. This post outlines the best methods to help you take care of Oak furniture.

Start by acquiring high-quality wood furniture

The first step to taking care of wood furniture is ensuring that only the highest quality pieces are purchased. Today, unlike any other time in history, there are very many dealers claiming to sell quality wood furniture. Here is how to know you are buying quality furniture:

  • Only purchase the furniture from manufacturers who have been in the market and made a name for quality.
  • Read reviews from past users and furniture experts about different types of oak furniture manufacturers.
  • Carefully check the furniture before making payment and placing your order. You should particularly ensure the joints are done correctly.

Follow the wood furniture manufacturer’s maintenance instructions

When oak furniture manufacturers release their products into the market, they also provide buyers with maintenance manuals to help keep the furniture in top condition. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will be easy to select the right brush, detergent, and cleaning method for oak furniture.

If your furniture did not come with a maintenance manual, it is easy to download from the respective manufacturer’s website. You could also ask furniture experts for a guideline on caring wooden furniture.

Control the wooden furniture environment

Wood furniture responds to changes in environmental temperature especially humidity and temperature. If the temperature gets too high, the wood could develop cracks. Besides, exposing the wood furniture to high humidity such as precipitation could result in rotting.

It is important to avoid placing wood furniture in areas with direct radiation. Inside the house, consider covering windows using blinds that filter ultraviolet radiation. For outside furniture, ensure to use shade for protection from direct sunshine and precipitation.

Make sure to repair wood furniture urgently

One of the methods you can use to make reclaimed furniture last long is ensuring that damages are identified and repaired promptly. In many cases, damage to wood furniture starts gradually before extending and ultimately breaks down the furniture.

To note damages early enough, it is important to regularly inspect the furniture. Be particularly about weak joints by checking for unusual movements and squeaks that signal early damages.

Once the early damages are identified, ensure the issues are fixed as immediately as possible. Make sure that all the damaged parts such as dining table legs or tops are replaced with high quality/ genuine materials.

Clear spills and stains from the wood furniture as immediately as possible

When food and colored beverages spill on oak furniture, they can cause permanent stains and damages. It is important to ensure that the stains and spills are removed as immediately as they occur. You should also consider using protective covers that prevent spills from reaching the oak surface when taking meals.

Move the wood furniture carefully

No matter how sturdy or strong your oak furniture appears, you need to move it carefully. This is important in protecting the joints and design of the furniture. Here are some useful rules for moving furniture in the house:

  • Never drag furniture or pull across the room.
  • If you cannot lift the reclaimed furniture, consider getting a helping hand.
  • Do not force wooden furniture to fit into a small section when moving it to the targeted space. If the pathway is too small, consult a furniture expert for help.
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