What is a filter bottle for?


As it is visible nowadays, a filter bottle has become incredible popular last time. What is more, the bottle is a very useful tool. Due to its shape and size we can take a bottle wherever we want. Everyone knows that we must have something to drink with ourselves all the time- this bottle is perfect for it.

A filtering bottle can be put into the bag and when it is such a need we can take it out and drink fresh water. Importantly, a bottle was equipped with a changeable carbon filter which consists of an active carbon that is made of coconut shell. That is why it is possible to remove impurities from water as well as the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine.

A Dafi company informed that a filter bottle does not consist of Bis-phenol A which is an extremely harmful chemical compound that is often used in the production of plastics.

A filter bottle

Let’s note that a Dafi filter bottle is extremely handy. It’s worth to pay attention that the bottle is not disposable but it is reusable. Importantly, we have an opportunity to adjust its capacity to our needs because a bottle is available in 3 different capacities.

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The smallest is a bottle with the capacity of 0,3 liter, which is designed for the youngest. The next one is 0,5 liter and it is the most often purchased bottle which we can carry with ourselves to a work or for a walk  because its small size. The biggest from the available capacities is a 0,7 liter bottle which will be perfect for a gym or during a trip. Let’s pay our attention that everyone can find a perfect bottle which will be adjusted to own needs.

Despite of it we can choose a color of a bottle because it is available in many different colors.

Always fresh and close at hand water

Let’s note that water with is in a filter bottle will be always clean because we control how long it will stay in a filter bottle and under what conditions it will be storage. It is worth to remember that it is the best solution to use water within 12 hours from its filling- then we are sure that water will be tasty. If we know that during this period of time we are not able to drink the whole bottle- we can fill it up to half. It allows to reduce unnecessary water loss.

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