What is the easiest way to clean blinds?


If there is one house chore that seems to be feared above all others, it would be cleaning the blinds. Whether aluminum, vinyl, fabric, wood or faux wood, most people just hate cleaning the blinds.

It is time-consuming and noone ever seems to be sure if what they are doing is right.

Fortunately, there is one simple way to clean those window blinds— just so we can all loathe it just a bit less.

The Mighty Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic technology is gaining popularity and has been recognized to be the most effective and fastest method of cleaning those dreaded window blinds.

The ultrasonic blind cleaning uses the energy of imploding air pockets in water and cleaning solutions in long narrow tanks in order to gently but thoroughly remove dirt from the surface of the submerged items.

This cleaning machine is even recommended by several blind manufacturers saying that it is the easiest and best way to clean their products including traditional Venetian blinds, woven woods, luminettes, silhouettes, honeycomb, and pleated shades and vertical blinds.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Systems

  1. Simple, Quick, And Perfect Clean

Washing window blinds manually by hand is not only time-consuming and frustrating, but it also won’t get your blinds cleaned perfectly or even clean those hard to reach areas. However, with the ultrasonic technology, sound waves produce millions of small bubbles that burst in contact with water– the resulting vibrations effectively cleans the entire blind in no time.

  1. Prevents Damage

No matter how careful you think you are when hand-cleaning your window blinds, manual cleaning is the key point of damaging them. And although the ultrasonic technology is indeed powerful for an effective, squeaky clean, it is also gentle so the risk of damaging your precious blinds are down to zero.

  1. Static

Manually cleaning your blinds, ironic as it may seem, not only leaves dirt behind but also creates static electricity on the surface that only attracts more dust and dirt in just a short period of time. With ultrasonic cleaning equipment, however, there will be no static electricity left behind on the surface, so that they stay cleaner for much longer.

  1. Time Is Gold

How long do you think it takes to clean all those window blinds in your home? A day or two? And even if you managed to do it in just half a day, is manual blind cleaning really worth that much of your time? With ultrasonic window blind machines or hiring expert ultrasonic blind cleaners, blind cleaning is quick and easy.

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