A Quick Helpful Guide About Your Lucky Bamboo Plant


It is the wish of every person to maintain the positive energy, wellness and good luck in their living homes. In the recent times, I have witnessed a trend about keeping the lucky bamboo plant in homes. It is one of the Feng Shui element that has gained immense popularity in every household due to their huge significance.

You need to keep any of the good luck plants such as lucky bamboo plant, bonsai plant, money plant or any other lucky plant species for preserving the positive aura around your homes. Here are some of the important facts about this lucky bamboo plant that will convince you to send good luck plants online to your near and dear ones.

Relationship of Bamboo Plant with 5 Elements

According to the Chinese Feng Shui, lucky bamboo plant is connected to the auspicious 5 elements of the nature. Here is a step by step account of the relationship of lucky bamboo plant with these 5 elements.

  • Wood- This element is represented by the wooden bamboo plant.
  • Water- It is important to provide water to your bamboo plants regularly for its proper growth and development. Hence, water element is linked.
  • Earth-The presence of small rock, pebbles and clay stones symbolizes the Earth element.
  • Fire- A red ribbon is always tied to this good luck plant which represents the fire element.
  • Metal- Along with the ribbon, a metal coin is also tied onto the bamboo plant or kept inside the vase. This coin is the metal element which is a part of 5 Feng Shui elements.

A Quick Helpful Guide About Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

What are the best directions or placement ideas of a lucky bamboo plant?

In order to utilize the positive benefits of a good luck plant, appropriate placement or the direction has the maximum impact. Feng Shui too emphasizes on the proper placement of a good luck bamboo plant to receive its optimum advantages. The perfect placement of a lucky bamboo plant will bring lots of positive energy in your home. Let us discuss the appropriate directions for the placement of a lucky bamboo plant in your home.

East direction-The placement of this good luck plant in the East direction is considered to be really auspicious. It can help in maintaining the wellness and better health of family members in a home.

South-East (SE) direction- The direction of the South-East is represented as the zone of money and wealth. If you are interested in strengthening the finance of your home in a better way, it is advised to place your lucky bamboo plant in this direction. Thus, if you are weak on the finance part, change the placement of your good luck plant in this direction.

To know more about this good luck plant, you need to consult a Feng Shui expert or you can also take the help of lucky plants online guide to bring good fortune to your homes. So, buy or send good luck plants online to improve your home environment and personal fortune.

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