All you Need to Know About Wasps


Wasps are part of summer living in the UK, and are typically found near sugary foods, yet they tend to nest in rooves and under gables, and should the scouts inform the main swarm that they have found a suitable nesting site, the relocation will begin in earnest. Unlike bees, a wasp can sting multiple times and does not lose its life when releasing the sting, and they can be extremely aggressive to anyone or anything that comes near the nest.

Here is a list of wasp species found in the UK:

  • Common and German Wasps – The most common wasp family, if you’ve been stung by a wasp, it likely to be from this family, as they are the most common species in the British Isles.
  • Tree Wasps – Identified by a single black dot on the face, tree wasps prefer to set up home in trees, and while they can be quite aggressive, and are only active from May to August.
  • Median Wasps – Another outdoor nester, a median wasp has four black spots on their yellow abdomen. They resemble hornets and can be very aggressive, especially if the tree trunk is knocked, which sends vibrations that tell them an intruder is near and calls for battle stations.
  • Hornets – A member of the wasp family, hornets can be extremely aggressive, while usually nesting high up in a tree, and are found mainly in forests. With effective pest control in Huddersfield, the hornets will have met their match.

Wasps present a danger to humans and animals, and if a swarm happens to set up home in your garden, all in a pest control company who will exterminate the nest, ending the problem once and for all.

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