The Various Types of Roofing Materials


Wherever you happen to live in the UK, your roof is a critical component of the home, and should you be planning a new build, there are many choices as far as roofing materials are concerned, which would include the following:

  1. Slate Roofing – Simply the best there is, a slate roof will last a lifetime, and is both stylish and elegant. Slate roofing is not the cheapest solution, yet if it is professionally installed, there’s very little that can go wrong with a slate roof.
  2. Traditional Roof Tiles – Despite the emergence of composite materials, the traditional tiled roofs that we see all around us are still the most popular among UK homeowners. For local roofing in Slough, tiled solutions are both affordable and durable, and if you have the roof coated with a special sealant, it will prolong the life of the roof and offer a higher level of insulation.
  3. Metal Roofing – While not so popular in the UK, metal roofing does have its advantages. A metal roof will stand the test of time and with special UV protective coatings, will provide you with excellent insulation.

Whatever roofing material you choose, it is imperative to have a qualified contractor to install the roof, and preferably one that is fully insured. Once the roof is installed, the supplier would issue you with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, and with regular maintenance as and when necessary, your home will always be well-protected against the harsh elements.

Talk to your local roofing contractor today and ask about the various materials and their benefits.

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