Decorate your rooms with pillows – Designer tips to take into account


Do you think that your bedroom or living room has begun to look tired and old? With time, living rooms become a dumping ground for too many items and with regular wear and tear, they start looking run down and dilapidated. The herculean task of redesigning your living room is deemed to be a daunting task to consider before you get stuck with applying a new coat of paint or replacing your old couch.

How about considering the idea of sprucing up the look of your room by adding few new cushions and pillows at the right places? Yes, nowadays interior designers always recommend adding few cushions here and there to rejuvenate the look of your room. If you choose a Cariloha bamboo pillow along with few others of solid colors and arrange them at the perfect corners, you can give your room a new look. Here’s more on this.

#1: Throw off your cushions if they match with the color of your sofa

There are times when you purchase a couch and they give you matching cushions along with it. This is bad indeed because there can be nothing as poor as matching cushions. In case you have cushions which match with your sofa, you should throw them off as they won’t be of any good to creating a nice decor for your room. When you have cushions which match your sofa, they are a huge waste as they look nothing but a useless addition to your furniture. Instead, if you add contrast colors to your room, it can be as good as adding a new piece of art on your walls.

#2: Choose the best mixture of colors

This is most probably going to be the best possible step in your progress, which is even more than choosing the cushions. It is only when you choose the best cushions that they can pull all the different elements in the room and create a harmonious and stylish look. If you check out the living rooms of people, you will find them to be filled with different patterns and colors. Hence, with the right cushions and pillows, you need to stick to the best color palette. The color that you choose should exist in any element in your room and it should also complement with the other colors.

#3: Determine the number of cushions you should keep on the sofa

The total number of cushions that you should buy will depend on the style of the room that you prefer. In case you prefer the more conventional style lounge, you should stick to an even number with the cushions and for a diverse and modern look, an odd number like 3 or 5 or 7 is the best. As of now, you have to decide on the look that you wish to create in your room, whether modern or conventional.

Therefore, if you’re trying to give a new look to your home; make sure you decorate your home with cushions. Get the best cushions from your trusted local online store.

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