How to Prepare Interior Walls for Painting


Painting and decorating is an art, and one that takes many years to master, and if you were to ask expert painters and decorators in Portsmouth how they manage to create a smooth and seamless finish on the wall, they will tell you it’s all in the preparation.

Filling and Sanding

The wall to be painted would be stripped of any wallpaper and the decorator would use a scraper to go over the entire wall, taking off any excess plaster. Once this has been completed, he would then mix a small amount of filler and begin to fill any dips or hollows, carefully wiping away any excess filler, until the entire wall has been covered. Once the filler has dried completely, fine sandpaper would be used to bring up an even finish, and once the wall has been thoroughly brushed to remove the dust, the surface is now ready for the first coat of paint.

Applying paint is easy, but it is the preparation that takes the time, and even a small hollow or bump will stand out when the work is finished, which is why the filling and sanding is critical. Tools you will need include:

  • Scraper and filling trowel
  • Various grades of sandpaper
  • Rollers and brushes
  • A soft dusting brush

When painting, you should use a roller for the main areas, while cutting in the edges and around light switches with a fine brush, and emulsion paint might need 2 or even 3 coats to give you a professional covering.

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