Healthy water at home – reverse osmosis filters


An alternative to filtering pitchers may be reverse osmosis, nanofiltration or even ultrafiltration systems. These are filters that are installed under the sink. Clean water is available without restrictions, at any time. The thorough cleaning process goes through this. The osmotic membrane also removes viruses and bacteria, which is the most important difference from filtering jugs and bottles. The refills only need to be replaced once a year. In comparison with filter jugs, the price is higher. Filtration systems of this type require professional assembly.

Before choosing a jug filter or other filtration system, it is worth considering our expectations for the water that we would like to drink. After all, the idea is that the use of a water filter is convenient and gives us satisfaction. In many cases, the filter jug is the first choice, as it is cheap, easy in use and practical. Then many users decide on another water treatment device. Filter jugs are an interesting and compact solution, especially in smaller households. This is also a great way to clean water in rented apartments or even offices, a jug can be placed in conference rooms or simply at employee’s desk. Filtering bottles are even more convenient, as we can take them with us at any moment to enjoy fresh, healthy water during trips, at playgrounds or for kids in schools.

Important feature of filtering jugs is water softening. Water after filtration has reduced hardness level, so it is tastier, has no chlorine odor and it is safe for household appliances (e.g. irons), as no lime residue appears.

Perhaps filtering jugs are not the most accurate way to filter, for example the water is not free from bacteria or viruses, but it is worth starting your adventure with clean water with them, because by generating relatively low costs, we will gain an idea on the subject of water purification and find out if it really makes sense.

Article prepared in cooperation with polish company Dafi.

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