The Importance of Fascias, Soffits and Guttering


There are quite a few roof components, and each has its own purpose, as they all come together to provide a strong and waterproof roof covering.  Your roof has to endure the harsh UK weather, which does eventually lead to remedial work, and if you are not sure about the purpose of fascia, soffit and guttering, here is a brief description.

  • The Fascia – The fascia is either timber or composite and comes in planks that are fitted to provide a flat edge at the very bottom of the roof tiles, and aside from making the structure stronger, the fascia is an attractive feature, especially when a contrasting colour to the roof tiles. The fascia also acts as a windbreak to protect the tiles, and should be regularly checked for signs of decay or damage.
  • The Soffit – This timber would cover the underside of a roof arch, or something to cover the point where the ceiling meets the walls. Typically made from seasoned timber or a composite, the soffit also adds a touch of colour and depth to a roof. If your soffit looks a little jaded, contact a roofing company in Stoke-On-Trent, who will send someone to take a look.
  • The Guttering – The guttering runs along the edges of the roof and is a wide channel to receive rainwater, which eventually reaches a join with the downpipe that sends the water down to ground level.

Regular roof inspections are advised, especially after heavy rain and stormy conditions, and should there be any issues, prompt repairs will ensure minimal damage.

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