How To Protect Wooden Roofs


Roofs are definitely a big part of our houses, it is literally protecting us from heavy rainfall, the scorching heat and from any other natural calamities. If the roof is fragile and tends to break in rough times, a hazardous danger may fall upon the family. Therefore, having a strong roof is very essential. In order to have a strong roof you cannot go and change your roof every year. It would be financially troubling. What you can do is take proper care of your roof.

There are different types of roof, and each needs different care. Wooden roofs need completely different attention than cemented roofs. Wood as we know if it gets wet it can get a fungal attack and become unusable very fast. Proper care needs to taken especially during the rainfalls.

For some wood may have become old fashioned, but there are many people who are in love with wooden roof and have it in their houses. Shakes and Shingles are used to make a wooden roof. Shakes are simply blocks of wood cut into semi thick pieces. They have a rustic look and the top part is not smooth. It gives the roof a very vintage look. Shingles on the other hand is swan from both sides. It is smooth in texture and gives a very finished look to your roof. They are cut in a tapered way to give a tailored appearance.

Weathering can make wood lose its color. Due to exposure to dust, sun, erosion and wind, wood naturally turn to grey, and brown. Painting the wood with a bright color can solve this problem.

Choosing the right type of shakes and shingles is very essential to ensure your wooden roofs durability. If the shakes and shingles are chosen wisely, your roof would last a long time without any weathering and decaying. In order to avoid any mistakes you should definitely contact the experts and consult. Search for reliable roofing contractors for roof installation canton MI and you will get many positive results that would actually help you to make a wise decision about your roofing problem. They would also suggest how to take proper care of a wooden roof.

They may tell you if painting your wooden roof would help it to remain good for a long time or adding an oil based stain would make it more durable! Oil based stains help others to see the texture of the wood and it protects the wood too. Some people like the texture of wood as it gives a vintage look to the house, therefore they are reluctant to use paint.

Solid color stains, varnish, and shellac should be avoided in wooden roof as they would not last for long. The wooden roofs get swelled and shrunk by the weather. Varnish and shellac, solid color stains will not be able to remain polished for long under the circumstances.

Adding water repellent preservatives may seem like a good idea however, its life expectancy is not much. Dipping on a wooden roof is highly recommended, if that is not possible, using a paint brush is advised. Having proper installation of the shingles and shakes is very important. It controls the moisture. Installing copper flashings is recommended in order to avoid moss attack.

There are many steps you can take in order to have a strong wooden roof, different people follow different method, one thing that is crucial and cannot be skipped is you need to be consistent and constantly checking if your roof is wearing out or not.

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