What Garden Waste Can You Put Into A Skip


When you are renovating your house, you can create a lot of waste which needs to be put into a skip. You might also decide that it is time to make sure that the garden looks as good as possible. Having a large garden means that you are going to create a lot of waste. This waste needs to be dealt with properly and this means you should think about hiring a skip to deal with your garden waste.

There will be a lot of different things that you dispose of safely. What can you put into the skip from your garden?

Tree Branches

When you are giving the garden a makeover, you might notice that the branches on the trees are hanging extremely low. This is something which you might not like at all. When this starts to happen, the branches can be cut off.

There are domestic skip hire companies in King’s Lynn that can deal with the branches. The branches can be cut down into a perfect size for the skip. Your garden will instantly look a lot more appealing when the branches have been cut back to a more manageable size.

What Garden Waste Can You Put Into A Skip?


You may have built up a sizeable amount of compost in your garden over the years, which has been used to enrich the plants and the grass. However, when you are renovating the house and the garden, you might decide to get rid of the compost heap and start something new. You can put all of the compost inside the skip and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Once the garden has been redone as part of the house renovation you can always start a fresh compost heap to help your new-look garden flourish.

Broken Garden Furniture

Your garden needs some furniture so that you can sit out and admire the view. This can include deckchairs, outdoor sofas and even swings that have been attached to a sturdy tree branch. When people are using this furniture a lot, it is liable to break or become shabby.

The furniture might be so damaged that you are unable to fix it. When this happens, you can hire a skip and just put the broken furniture in there. You can hire skip bins will allow you to separate wood and plastic for recycling purposes. This will lower the carbon footprint of your house renovation.

Broken Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments do not have to be tacky garden gnomes. Instead, they can be stylish statues or modern art pieces. These ornaments are not infallible, and sometimes they can become broken. This can make your garden look unattractive, and you will want to throw the ornaments away.

When you are disposing of the ornaments, you should make sure that they are disposed of properly and not just dumped for the bin men to deal with.

You can hire a skip to deal with all kinds of garden waste during a renovation.

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