Mats and pads, which makes it a great help at the construction site

It often happens that construction works are carried out under unfavorable conditions. Contact with moisture and intense rainfall are definitely not conducive to outdoor works. The performance of construction machinery under such conditions drops significantly. This mainly applies to cranes and excavators. Their movement may then be significantly impeded due to the moist and boggy ground. Especially when the machine has rubber wheels, it may be impossible to overcome such terrain. To facilitate work in such difficult conditions, it is worth buying special mats or pads. What are their functions? What to pay attention to when choosing this type of accessories? You will find the answers to these questions below.

Mats and pads, which are a great help during construction works

The ideal solution in the event of unfavorable conditions on the construction site is the use of special mats or underlays. These types of products enable construction work to be carried out without problems on unstable surfaces (caused, for example, by prolonged rainfall). As a result, they not only contribute to a significant increase in the efficiency of activities on the construction site, but also increase the level of employee safety.

There are many variants of these building accessories on the market today. In the case of crane sleepers, there are products with a groove or with a socket. In addition, these products are available in various dimensional versions, so they can be properly selected for each machine.

How to choose the best mats and pads?

Mats and pads are usually made of recycled materials. Thanks to the use of a special production technology, these products do not soak up water, which is particularly important due to the conditions in which they are usually used. Their sale is preceded by numerous tests to confirm their functionality and safety of use.

One of such tests is spectroscopic examination of the material and a pressure test with a pin. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain high durability of products while maintaining their flexibility. So they are practically indestructible. This guarantees that the product will not break under the weight of the machine. When looking for the best mats or underlays, you should first of all pay attention to whether the accessories you are interested in have the CE marking, which ensures the safety of their use

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