Things You Need to Know about Concrete Cracks in your Property


Is the concrete base of your property showing you the signs of cracks and damage? Before you readily call up a contractor for replacing the concrete slab, it’s crucial that you learn about a few important things related to concrete cracking.

Did you know that what exactly has caused the damage in your property that calls for the attention of concrete repair experts? Or, does the crack or shrinkage visible from here have any name? You should have a clear idea about these issues to make sure you can explain it to the contractors and also save money by choosing the right service.

Follow the trail below to learn things about concrete cracks that you did not know till now.

Reasons for Concrete Crack

There can be various reasons that can lead to concrete cracks. Usually, some unanticipated activities of soil substrate remain responsible for such a condition. Also, if the site condition was not that apt from the beginning or the surface was over hydrated during the concrete installation – these could also be the reason for concrete crack.

According to the specialists of concrete repair, mix design, wrong placement and reinforcement of steel, improper joint design along with inadequate preparation of grade are also some of the reason for the crack. Have you compromised on the quality of concrete during the placement? Well, that can be a reason too.

Types of Concrete Cracks that Need Professional Attention

Once you have already spotted different places of concrete cracks, you should act as fast as possible. Get in touch with the best concrete repair service providers associated with the business for a long time who will get the cracks fixed as soon as possible.

  • Check or Shrinkage Crack

This is undoubtedly one of the most common concrete cracks you might find in your property. These cracks can be easily recognized as there are no particular patterns in these cracks. You might ignore such small and insignificant cracks beyond repair or replacement, but over time, it can turn bigger and turns out to be a scar in the beauty of the concrete.

  • Structural Crack

These cracks are also referred to as settlement cracks. An unnatural shift in the joint or poor quality grade preparation can cause these structural cracks. The easiest way to identify this particular crack is to check out the surface minutely and find out whether there is a crack going from one side to the other side of the concrete or not. Usually, the experts of concrete repair suggest going with the structural epoxy injection for removing these cracks.

  • Off-set Structural Crack

Another common one is the off-set structural crack where the cracked area shows the signs of a lift in the concrete base. These cracks can move upward and downward. Usually, the specialists suggest going with the replacement of such concrete as there is no such well-conceived remedy for these cracks.


Don’t delay much to call up the professionals of concrete repair to inspect the type of concrete cracks your property surface is suffering from. The experts will suggest the best remedy that will fix the crack and save your money at the same time.

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