Review Of The Best Table Saw Units On The Market


A table saw is a very useful centerpiece in any home workshop. Whether you are cutting plywood sheets, narrowing the width of boards, or handling the specialized cuts like slots, tenons, and grooves, you will need a quality table saw to handle the job satisfactorily. Therefore, it is very important to carry out a thorough research about the best table saw units on the market before committing your money. A proven way to choose the best table saw is to read table saw reviews but that can be tasking due to the extensive table saw reviews. In this guide, you will find the best table saw units on the market with the best table saw reviews.

Dewalt DW745

The 10-inch job site table saw weighs about 22kgs and has an optimized footprint that makes it one of the most portable saws in its class. With a powerful 1850 watt motor, the Dewalt DW745 is powerful enough to handle everything that you may want including cutting large sheet materials to size. Furthermore, with these saw you will also not have to worry about the job site drops and impacts as the saw comes with a steel roll cage for protection enabling you to fully concentrate on your job. Other useful features of the Dewalt DW745 include front and rear fence lock, rack and pinion fence system, and clear scales that make using it accurate and easy. The DW745 table saw comes with overload protection, cast tabletop design, and quick bevel lock.

Makita 2705

With a 15-amp motor that is capable of delivering up to 4800 RPM, the Makita 2705 is powerful enough to cut any wood with a lot of ease and precision. It also comes with a big perfectly-flat tabletop that lets you cut wood precisely without experiencing uneven cuts. The 2705 Makita table saw is the go-to option if you are looking for a unit with a compact design, safety features and incredible accuracy. The only challenge with the 2705 Makita is that it does not come with a wheeled base.

Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw

With a 10-inch worksite table, miter gauge, carbide tipped blade, and a gravity-rise stand, the 4100-09 Bosch table saw deserves its name among the best. The 4100-09 Bosch table saw comes with a useful sturdy sub-base with carrying handles, an innovative smart guard system, and a square lock rip fence that makes it accurate and efficient. The gravity wheeled stand makes it easy to move the table saw around the job site. It comes with 8-inch trodden wheels for easy moving irrespective of the terrain. The unit is designed from aluminum for long-lasting performance enabling you to work on your projects without worrying about job site drops. The square lock rip fence allows you to maximize your output by increasing the cutting trueness and decreasing the waste. The unit’s dust-collecting port is conveniently positioned out of your way, which means that you can concentrate on your work without worrying about sawdust flying around.


When choosing the best table saw, you should consider the unit capabilities and how they fit your projects. You should also ensure that the dust collection system is large enough to hold significant dust.

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