What Types of Things Can I put in a Skip?


If you are planning a home improvement or a garden renovation, it is likely you will generate a lot of waste, and you might be wondering if there are any restrictions on what can be put into a skip. Fortunately, there is an affordable waste management company in Lewisham, and they would allow the following materials to be put into their skips.

  • All forms of timber – Tree branches, old wooden furniture and pallets can all be recycled by your local waste management company.
  • Paper and cardboard – Old newspapers, paper packaging and cardboard packaging can all be thrown into the skip, most of which would be recycled.
  • All forms of plastic – Device packaging and any form of plastic that is no longer required can all be put into the skip and taken away to a plastics recycling company.
  • All forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals – Old bicycle frames, car components and old kitchen appliances can be put into the skip. Car batteries can also be recycled, although they should not be mixed with other forms of waste.
  • Building waste – If you are renovating your home, just about all the waste can be put into a skip, including plasterboard, brickwork, cement and concrete.

Hazardous waste cannot be put into a skip, and by informing the skip provider about the waste material, they would tell you the best way to package the waste ready for collection. If you are ever in any doubt as to what can and cannot be put into a hired skip, simply call the provider and they will tell you. The waste management company of today is very much into recycling, and they will also help you should you need a permit from the local council to have the skip sited near your home.

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