7 Ways To Having The Best-looking Lawn In The Neighborhood


You may be looking at other people’s lawn and wonder how they keep their grass so lush and green and leaving you wondering how you can achieve the same results, and have the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood. Something to be proud of and for the neighbors to envy as they peer over the fence or into your garden whilst driving past. Something your friends and family may comment on and ask how you did that.

Well, here are Some Pointers:

  1. Install a reticulation system for effective waste free watering without flooding your lawn by accident.
  2. Mow your lawn regularly to avoid it becoming a jungle of overgrown grass with weeds.
  3. Beware that dog urine can burn the grass, so if that’s a worry to you then there are different solutions on the market which can help reduce the effect on your grass or give the dog an alternative place to go.
  4. Choose a variety of grass you like and remove any invading species.
  5. Treat your lawn with a grass fertilizer.
  6. Use a garden fork or an aerator to open some holes in your lawn to help with any dry, dead or bare patches.
  7. Some types of grass don’t have runners so won’t spread and this will require seeding in the winter months to achieve a lush coverage in the spring.

How to get a Better-looking Lawn

The best way to a better, healthier lawn is by having a reticulation system installed as relying on natural rainfall to keep your lawn healthy can be a bit of a gamble, especially in times of drought as you risk losing patches or all of your lawn as the soil can completely dry out and the grass can die off. You could choose to use another type of watering tool, but they tend to waste a lot of water, be a huge inconvenience or just ineffective. They can also over water your lawn which may have a similar effect of drought as too much or too little water is going to cause a problem. The benefit of having a reticulation installation is that it will produce just the right amount of water to keep your lawn healthy without any waste or inconvenience. This has a positive effect on the health of the environment and also saves you money on water bills.

You may already have a reticulation system installed, but it may have stopped working or you may be facing some other kind of problem with it so you may want to consider retic repairs to get it up and running again without facing the cost of a brand new system installation. If you want more information, it may be worth an online search for Irrigation in Perth by TLC Services Perth or other irrigation specialists in Perth who would be happy to help and advise.

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