Spring Flowers To Plant In The Northeastern United States


Whether people live in a condo in New Jersey or a country home in Pennsylvania, gardens of all sizes look better with plenty of flowers. Everyone recognizes the arrival of spring when flowers start to bloom in abundance. Consider beautiful spring flowers to plant in the Northeastern United States to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and longer days.

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When yellow and white daffodils bloom, people in the Northeast know spring is finally in full swing. These hardy, trumpet-shaped bulbs can make it through the winter and often push past the last of the snow to show their bright colors. Keep them healthy and blooming by snipping off the flowers when they die, which usually happens in April. Because they are poisonous, deer and rodents avoid them which ensures they continue to make your gardens beautiful in March and April. Daffodils can be planted in sunny spots or where there is partial shade.


Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall or they can be purchased in the spring in pots. These beautiful flowering plants have been around for thousands of years and grew in popularity in Holland in the 1600s. They come in a rainbow of hues to add a splash of color to your garden. Tulips thrive when they are planted in the full sun. From deep black to pale pink, tulips are available in unique colors to make any outdoor area look special.


Peonies are fragrant flowers that actually mark the end of spring as it melts into the beginning of summer. While they prefer the sun, peonies can also do well in lightly shaded areas. They bloom throughout the summer to bring a fresh scent and plenty of color to your outdoor spaces. Water peonies regularly to ensure they continue to thrive and add beauty to your gardens.


Add a shrub to the mix by planting lilacs in your gardens. These eye-catching blooms attract butterflies to bring a touch of life to your yard. From dwarf plants that grow to about 4 feet tall to large shrubs that are up to 20 feet in height, lilac shrubs can fill almost any outdoor space. Plus, they do best in regions that have chilly winters. Once the spring arrives, expect to see blooms in hues of magenta, light purple, white, pink, and yellow. Some lilacs also have a bluish tint.

Often the seeds or bulbs for spring flowers are planted in the fall. The alternative is to visit a local nursery or consult with a landscaper about buying potted plants to transfer to your garden. Either way, spring flowering plants add notable aesthetic appeal to your yard.

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