How To Maintain A Garden During Winter Season


Chilled weather may be harmful as the cold causes many problems to our health and the gardening products too.

Those intending to maintain their greenery and protect the winter garden products must follow the under mentioned tips:

How To Maintain A Garden During Winter Season?

  • Add a thick layer of feed; say 5 cm over the entire garden. It would protect the plants from the ill effects of cold. The soil is enriched with valuable nitrogen. Adding pea straw, blood, bone and powdered sheep manure is good.

  • The garden tools must be cleaned, sharpened, repaired or replaced if needed.

  • The garden shed must be cleaned in proper manners. The half empty fertilizer bags may be kept in safe places beyond the access of the children.

  • A frost cloth or tunnels must be kept handy for the cold season.

  • Old carpets may be used for keeping the warmth in.

  • Building a birdfeeder is good.

  • Digging over the garden beds in proper manners is good. It helps in facilitating well worked soil for the root crops. Prevent the soil from lumps as they may cause harm to the carrots and other products.

  • The season of late winter may be used for planting early crop potatoes like Agria etc.

  • It is recommended that beetroot, beans, broccoli, kale, garlic, spinach, shallots and coriander etc are planted in the winter season.

  • Peas, cauliflower, cabbage, broad beans and other such plants are sown as winter garden productswinter garden products. Lettuce seeds may also be sown to save other items.

  • Dig the soil in proper manners that help to add lot of compost. Planting the cloves five cm deep with the pointy end to the sky works well. Garlic may be harvested in the mid late summer season.

  • Planting the crops into containers is good if there is the problem of frosts.

  • Beware of the Quash slug and snails.

  • Pruning in the fruit garden is best during winter season as it helps in protecting the winter garden products. Fruits excepting plums, peaches and nectarines can be pruned during this season. Likewise pruning kiwifruit vines and grapes etc is also good.

  • Pruning autumn cropping raspberries back to the ground level is good.

  • Oiling and sharpening the tools is beneficial to protect the winter garden products.

  • Planting new season deciduous fruit trees is good during winter season.

  • Winter season may be good for pruning roses.

  • Deadheading the plants that have finished flowering may be good. Keeping on top of weeding is also advantageous.

  • Planting green eco-friendly products is good and this method saves the winter garden products from any damages. Looks of the wood can be maintained well while no ill effects on earth are put.

  • Bamboo, the ordinary product matures faster than any other typical tree. Chosen as a green wood alternative it can be helpful in protecting the winter garden products to great extent.

The above simple tips can be much fruitful in protecting the winter garden products from any damages.

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