The Best Reasons to Choose Bi-Folding Doors


Aluminium bi-fold doors add real value to any property in which they are installed, and they open the home up to the garden in such a way that homeowners can enjoy the best of sunny summer days. These doors fold neatly away, so as to remove the worry of bumping into an open door on your way through your home. In fact, there are so many benefits associated with bi-fold doors, they have become one of the highest ranked in regards to desirable renovations to a home in the past decade. According to results gathered over the course of last year, searches for ‘bi-fold doors’ have more than doubled in the last year alone, and are slated to increase even more this year. The choice of material is just as important as the function, and aluminium is among the best of material choices in the market.

Strong and Lightweight

A material that is strong need not be bulky as a symptom, and aluminium is a low density metal. Manufacturers take advantage of this low density to create bi-fold doors that are as slim as they are sturdy. This design helped to create crisper, more aesthetically pleasing lines to homes around the UK, improving the appearance of the home by increasing the size of glazed areas. In addition, increased sizes improve views into a home’s garden or patio space.

The strength of aluminium bi-folding patio doors is such that they remain rigid in all weather conditions. For example, it will not expand or contract in direct sunlight, unlike timber, making it exceptionally low-maintenance for homeowners. Timber has a tendency to rot if introduced to damp conditions over a long period of time, and it requires constant maintenance throughout the year. However, this is not true of aluminium, and the fact that it will never rust only adds to the certainty that it is the best material for the job.

Custom Fitted

Aluminium bi-fold doors must be made to order, and custom fitted, to the unique specifications of your home. This allows you the flexibility to create your perfect space, whether you want to entertain guests, give children greater freedom to enter and exit the home, or simply to enjoy the view of your garden. The customisation of this option will ensure you get everything you want out of your new bi-fold doors, without any of the frustration.


Aluminium bi-fold doors are extremely difficult to break into, and they often become a deterrent to would-be burglars simply be existing on the property. These doors are built to nationally recognised standards, devised by police officers, and you can trust such doors to remain secure and safe for years after installation. These doors also come in a wide variety of different colours and styles, to ensure you get the perfect fit for your home.

The security, increased curb appeal, and functionality you gain from such an addition to your home will quickly return your investment and more. For these reasons, and more, you cannot afford to consider any other option once your old patio doors are ready for replacement. Aluminium is a material with a long lifespan by nature, and the minimal maintenance needs will save you hours of hard work, better spent on more entertaining activities.

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