Valuable Tips For The Maintenance Of Vintage Style Furniture


Vintage furniture can add a subtle charm and elegance to the ambiance. To retain the old world beauty of your antique furniture, it is essential to maintain it properly using specialised methods. If you own a piece of vintage style furniture and want to keep enjoying its appeal for many more years, then you can follow a few helpful tips mentioned below.

Valuable Tips For The Maintenance Of Vintage Style Furniture

The biggest threat to vintage furniture is from the weather. Direct sun rays can cause a lot of damage to vintage furniture, by degrading the wood and its finishes. Thus, you should avoid placing it directly under a window or ensure to have a curtain or shade to avoid the sunlight from falling on it. Similarly, the furniture should not be placed near heater, radiator or fireplace, as excessive heat can shrink and loosen the joints. Presence of too much moisture in air or constantly changing humidity level can cause expansion and contraction of wood, along with pest infestation and mould growth. Using a dehumidifier or humidifier to regulate the moisture content becomes essential to keep vintage furniture safe.

Upholstered vintage furniture requires even more attention as the upholstery fabric and wood can invite pests and insects. Presence of holes in the furniture can point towards pest infestation and require immediate action to avoid them from further damaging the furniture.Some pests feed on oil, dirt, and grease build up on the furniture surface and can cause stains. It is essential to get in touch with a professional conservator to rectify the pest problem as soon as possible.

It is a common misconception that you should feed antique furniture regularly with oil, as otherwise it can dry out. In reality, the drying out of wood is caused by the absence of moisture. Therefore you should avoid storing vintage furniture in areas where there is not enough moisture, such as attic. Use of oils might give a shining appearance to the furniture, but it can cause the wood to degrade in the long run. Instead of this, applying furniture paste wax and wiping it regularly with dampen cloth is a long lasting and safe method to maintain its shiny appearance.

Damage to vintage furniture can also be caused while moving or handling it. Always use seat rails to carry a chair, instead of arms or top rails. In the same way, a table should be picked up from legs and not the top, as it can make the base loose. Even if the furniture piece is big, it should not be dragged but lifted from one place to another. Special care should be taken when transporting such furniture, as adequate support should be provided to avoid causing any damage or breakage to it.

Besides all the above mentioned tips, it is important to dust the furniture regularly with lint free cloth to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust. By using these simple methods you can definitely enhance the lifespan of your vintage furniture. In case you are not sure about anything, then it is adviced to get in touch with an expert who can guide you regarding the best methods for taking care of vintage style furniture.

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